Sylvia has been teaching and coaching as a fitness instructor for over 10 years.  The last 4 years of which she has concentrated on successfully teaching Bootcamp style courses for faster fat loss with her Butterfly BOOTique business in Ashford Kent and online weightloss and exercise support.

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 Recently Sylvia has got a thirst for helping overwhelmed, lost and stuck ladies feel positively lighter with great success.

Sylvia offers the following services:

  • Feel Positively Lighter Session (approx 2 hours)
  • Butt Boot & Detox -Ashford Bootcamp
  • 1 to 1 coaching and training on request
  • Clean Eating Cook Books here

Testimonies (Feel Positively Lighter Session)

“Well what can I say… A feeling of worthlessness, no energy, aches and pains in places 

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 I dint know I could actually ache.. jammed packed head and no control or balance of direction.. only a feeling of wanting to change and take control..

I knew I needed someone/something to change me, some direction, positive input to getting back on track.. being diagnosed tablet after tablet sitting in rooms trying to explain to a stranger how I felt was hard, then along come Sylvia.. strong, positive and warm lady with a wealth of Calm, positive energy and encouragement, why would this be any different, how could she make it all change? Crystals? really? Relaxation on me? NO CHANCE!!! How wrong was I???

I have NEVER in years of suffering felt as relaxed, and calm as I did, talking and listening to breathing techniques, ways to get the "bitch" out my head, ways to breath so I feel in control, relax, digest food.. OMG.. she was my "miracle"..

Walking away with a positive attitude after 2 hours of complete peace and tranquility was scary, I had to face myself and feelings again.. BUT I found myself "Happy & Positive, took dogs for a long walk, cooked a lovely family meal, went swimming, went to bed with a clear mind, woke next morning feeling fresh, clear headed, no knots in my tummy, another early morning walk with dogs, session at the gym, another swim in the evening, lunch out with hubbie, a cuddle and chat on the sofa.. all of which I have never been able to do.. fear of being hurt, let down, no enthusiasm, or simply misunderstood..

I suffer from a form of Mental Illness and Personality Disorder with Anger issues.. all of which I find so hard to cope with, but now I have gained some energy, positive outlook, enthusiasm to loose weight, be happy and best of all Talk, Talk to people that love me, care for me and want to support me, ALL thanks to this one session..

My immediate future now seems clearer and I have a clear mind to start the first steps of "new challenges".. This 100% beats any councillor, tablets and self harm.. This is one Therapy I would highly recommend and with the support of such a lovely supportive woman your life could change as mine did.. Thank you Sylvia, my future now seems more balanced and you will be sure to see me again. xx 

I had an appt with Sylvia last week and I have to say I am so happy with the results.  I have never had crystal healing before but would definitely recommend it.  I went it with a lot of issues but left feeling relaxed and happy and lighter as if issues I had had, had just disappeared.  I would recommend this to anyone and everyone especially if you have tried other things, medical or holistic. Thank you Sylvia" Anonymous

"I turned up at Sylvia's house.. unplanned and unexpected (for both of us) and in a pretty upset state. Work issues, lack of money and general feeling of worthlessness had come to a head that day. After a cup of tea and a chat, I laid on the couch and Sylvia placed crystals around me... it was a bit odd at first , not in a horrible way, just different! I had no idea what was about to happen and the only way I can describe it was like a huge weight had been lifted off and I had found some kind of peace. It was lovely just being able to clear my head totally of all thoughts.. which was a first for me. I felt completely relaxed after and felt about 3 inches taller! yes I actually felt taller, closer to the was amazing. I am a fairly open minded person but this had changed my way of thinking about the possibility of previous lives and finding inner peace. Thank you so much... xxx" Anonymous

"I was totally open minded when I came to you. You immediately put me at ease and I was totally relaxed. I felt the flow of energy through my body.I realised the person holding me back was me.It was a very moving experience. Sylvia you certainly helped me with healing and left me feeling 'in balance'. I was a bit skeptical at first whether crystal healing would be of benefit to me, but now I can truly say that it has really helped. My advice to others would be: If, like me, you are unsure, try it at least once. You may be pleasantly surprised!" Anonymous

"Hi Sylvia, I thought I would just give you a quick up-date after my Crystal healing session with you last week, especially knowing that it's the best part of the job for you, hearing back about any changes. I came to you not really knowing what to expect, I was open-minded, excited and anxious of the unknown! We had a quick chat and a cuppa where you put me at ease and I told you about the things I mainly wished to 'heal'! Other than the usual aches and pains my main problem was emotional bereavement and dealing with my inner sadness and not being able to cheer myself up! The mind mapping was weird, hard to understand how these techniques can affect mobility, flexibility etc but I've decided, I don't have to understand to accept the benefit! Once I laid on the treatment couch and you placed the crystals on me I just felt relaxed. My mind thoughtless, not racing, not thinking, nothing!Again, I'm not going to try to analyse or understand all I can do is accept the change within me, I have felt like I have been able to file away my losses, not to be forgotten, but not to be at the forefront of my mind, I have had the awareness of feeling chirpier, making people laugh and a taste of my personality possibly creeping back! Thank you"  Anonymous x

"I had no idea what to expect from this session with Sylvia. I was bit skeptical & wasn't sure she could really help me with anything. I have a long term problem with my right side neck & shoulder, when we first started body mapping I could not see how it was going to help this problem but within a very short time it clearly was making a difference, I had significantly increased range of movement. 2 weeks on from appointment my shoulder is still much freer moving & huge decrease in pain. I left the session feeling very clear headed & 'lighter' I felt I had a positive road to follow, Sylvia had unblocked paths that I had not realised needed clearing. Over following few days I found myself doing things & organising parts of my life that I had been making excuses for for a long while. I would highly recommend people to give this a try, be open minded & prepared to be surprised at the power of your own body & mind." Anonymous

"I had the most lovely experience today .. I was unsure of what to expect .. but im so glad I came to see you .. ..I feel refreshed in my head and a real sense of calm .. I feel more positive in myself and I would recommend this experience to anyone .. it felt a real sense of release..i feel like I've been flying in the clouds today ... thank you so much Sylve x"  Anonymous 

Testimonies (Bootcamp Ashford)

I didn’t think I would ever lose weight.  But as soon as I started the boot camp 

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and eating healthy food it just dropped off, and I feel so much better about myself feel like me again. I love doing the exercise, makes me feel good and you get to meet some great people.  I couldn’t have done this without Sylvia’s help, she’s a great mentor and so supportive with all her texts and facebook messages. She really cares about all of us. Thank you .  Looking forward to starting boot camp again next month.   I would recommend it to everyone.  I can’t believe it I had to add it up about 3 times as I thought that couldn't be right, but in 4 week’s I’ve lost 26inches in total - that’s including both legs and arms and 13.8lbs, so not far off a stone. So happy. All smiles :)"

"I have a few clothes that are now too big, but the others are so much more comfortable to wear an my confidence has grown and grown, I walk taller with a constant smile of my face.  I’ve met some fantastic ladies, who, with their enthusiasm and encouragement got me through and with the mental mentor that is Sylvia Carey, who knew exactly what I was thinking of eating, along would come a text message, just at the right time, almost as if she was watching, like a guardian angel!!!"

"I wanted to be able to gain control over the problems with my diet that I have had in the past due to my stomach and what a uplift it was I can honestly say I have manged to meet everything I wanted to and more. I FEEL AMAZING :0"

"joining butterfly bootique was the best decision i ever made. 2 stone, 2 dress sizes in 3/4 months and i'm still going 8 months later. so much more than exercise and weight loss. well worth it :-)"

"Sylvie is brilliant - inspirational, encouraging, knowledgeable, supportive and flexible. She offers a holistic approach - not only exercise - which she easily adapts to accommodate any injuries or weaknesses you may have - but advice on diet, recipes, ideas and inspirational texts everyday to keep you on track and a group Facebook page where members can share and support each other. You never feel alone. Results are incredible - you can literally see new members shrink before your eyes in just a month! She has kept me fit and a size 8 (from a tight 10) for two years now and I've never been bored!"

"Absolutely love bootcamp! It's not just the 14 inches & 16lbs I lost on my 1st bootcamp but the completely new way of looking at the diet of myself & my family. I feel healthy and have bags more energy. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to take control of their health & fitness."

"After years of going to the Gym, I wanted to try something new. After much research I decided on attending the Butterfly Boutique Bootcamps Programme, headed up by the dynamic Sylvia, located in the Ashford area. The exercises vary greatly so no chance of getting bored and if you try to slack, Sylvia is on your back. There is an holistic approach in these bootcamps, where you get advice about diet and foods as well as strenuous exercise sessions. There are 2 great things about the Bootcamps, one is that you get all over fitness without realising it and the other is the camaraderie amongst the group. I have met a super group of ladies, become fitter and lost a dress size all thanks to Sylvia and Butterfly Boutique Bootcamps."

"Energising bootcamp sessions, fat and inch loss achieved & a whole dress size lost. Fun 45 minute sessions that set you up for the day making you feel good about yourself and in control of getting a healthier slimmer body."

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