What’s it all about then?

Well then, this is Sylvie writing.  I’ve been teaching fitness classes for 10 or so years, and in particular bootcamp style programs for almost 4 years.

Bootcamp is fabulous for those people who haven’t got an overloaded bucket already.  Bootcamp is for people who are ready to take on the full challenge of detoxing and fitting in intensive workouts.   Bootcamp rocks for those people.


However, I was feeling a bit empty, I wanted to help those people that are feeling stuck and  lost.  Those people that are overwhelmed, they feel they want to start making an effort to feel better about themselves but adding more to their life and the thought of hard and fast quite frankly petrifies them.  I felt I wanted to introduce a less intensive program, one that would calm the stressed overwhelmed people out there.  Give them some peace in there already overloaded life.


I'd seen Dawn myself for Crystal Healing and Past Life Regression, out of curiosity really.   I enjoyed the outcomes and Dawn's intuitive way and understanding I found rather attractive.   I also went on a course, BodyMap.  BodyMap looks at threat.  How or brains perceive the world around us is communicated by our senses.  If the Map is fuzzy, unclear the brain doesn't feel safe and in turn can cause pain, restrict movement, speed, and decrease range of movement.   So I had an idea, I felt that together, Dawn and I could write a program that would benefit people that feel overwhelmed, lack energy, feel lost and stuck and probably don't know where to turn to next.

I ran my thoughts and ideas passed Dawn, it felt right to her too.  We have similar thoughts on eating real food and getting out in nature.  We had meetings, brain storming moments, a few laughs and aha moments and Positively Lighter was born.


The course is set to run over 4 weeks, however it can be taken at your own leisure too.  We are working through the elements, Water, Air, Fire & Earth.  An element is covered each week of the course.

There's gentle exercises that will mobilise and help correct posture, open the pathways of communication to the brain.  There's guidance on what types of foods, colours to wear, and activities to include each week to benefit the element of week.  Meditations to help unclutter and free the mind too.  It's about feeling positively lighter.


Course participants will be supported within a private Facebook group.  I've been using Facebook groups for supporting online courses for years now.  It's a great way to keep in touch and staying motivated, ask questions and have a bit of banter.

We are aiming for a springtime launch and invite those of you that want a bit of space in their lives and want to feel positively lighter.



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